About Us

Environmental Policy

We care for earth. We respect nature. We love the world. We strive for better environment.

We are always concerned about environment protection. To preserve environment is our key mission. We think it's our duty and a major part of our job. We believe by that way we are contributing to the society and nurturing the life of coming generations.

The environment policy of the Company lays emphasis on the followings:

1. Integrate environmental friendly measures and cleaner production methods in the business process and practices for achieving better efficiency and improved environment.

2. We are conscious of our responsibilities to maintain cleaner environment in and around the areas of operations. No Hazardous substance is used in our company which can cause any damage to the health of our staff or to the environment, There is a full functional Water Re Harvesting system installed in our company which ensures that the rain water does not get waste away, It Re Injects that rain water back into the mother ground and thus help in maintaining the ground water level.