Machining Facilities

Our machining facilities are world class and comparable to the best in the industry. Our Machine Shop mainly boast of high quality and accurate German & Japanese Machines.

We only purchase the raw material from highly reliable external sources and dispatch the final finished product from our end. In-Between all the Machining process carried out at our end itself which enable us to have a tight control on the quality as well as on delivery schedules.

No matter whatever may be the complexity of the product we are confident to manufacture it accurately and precisely with the help of our R&D Department.

Our Machining Facility comprises of :-

CNC Lathe Machines (Capacity Upto Ø450mm, L – 1500mm)
HMC Machines (Capacity Upto X- 1000 mm, Y- 800 mm, Z- 750 mm, 6 Pallets)
VMC Machines (Capacity Upto X- 1200 mm, Y- 800 mm, 2 Pallets)
CNC Cylindrical Grinding M/cs. (Capacity Upto Ø450mm, L – 1500mm)
CNC Centreless Grinding M/cs. (Capacity Upto Ø250mm, L – 800mm)
Internal Grinding Machines (Capacity Upto Ø1000mm, ID – 350mm, W – 500mm)
Gear Hobbing Machines (Capacity Upto Ø1800mm, Module - 30)
Gear Shapers (Capacity Upto Ø1500mm, ID – 1250mm, W – 350mm)
Gear Grinders (Capacity Upto Ø1800mm, Module - 30))
Gear Deburring Machines (Capacity Upto Ø250mm, W – 100mm)
Gear Shaving Machines (Capacity Upto Ø450mm, Module - 6)
Hob Sharpening Machines (Capacity Upto Ø180mm, L – 300mm, Module - 20)
Worm Milling Machines (Capacity Upto Ø350mm, L – 1250mm, Pitch – 5 to 50)
Rack Milling Machines (Capacity Upto L - 2000mm, Face Width – 100mm, Module - 4)
Worm Grinding Machines (Capacity Upto Ø325, L - 800mm, Pitch – 5 to 50)
Surface Grinding Machines (Capacity Upto X- 800 mm, Y- 450 mm)
Automatic Band Saw Machines (Capacity Upto Ø350mm, L – 4000mm)
Facing & Centering Machines (Capacity Upto Ø350mm, L – 1000mm)
Straightening Machines (Capacity Upto Ø100mm, L – 1500mm)
Tapping Machines (Capacity from M2 to M40 Size)
Horizontal & Vertical Milling M/cs (Capacity Upto X- 2000 mm, Y- 500 mm)
Spline Rolling Machines (Capacity Upto Ø - 50 mm, L- 800 mm, Module – 0.25 to 2.0)
Thread Rolling Machines (Capacity from M2 to M40 Size)
Drilling Machines (Capacity from Ø2mm to Ø80mm)
Power Press Machines (Capacity from 5 Ton to 250 Ton Press, Sheet Thick - Upto 6mm)
Vertical Turret Lathes (Capacity Upto Ø1500mm, Swing - 1800mm, H – 1200mm)
CNC Induction Hardening M/cs (Capacity Upto Ø250m, L – 1200mm, Case Depth – 0.75 to 10mm)
Vertical Broaching Machines (Capacity – Pull Type 5 to 20 Ton)
MIG & TIG Welding (Capacity from 100 to 500 AMP)
Oxy Acetylene Cutting Machines (Capacity from 250 to 500 AMP)
Super Fine Burnishing Machines (Capacity Upto Ø – 50mm, L – 400mm)


CNC Lathe Machines

HMC Machines

VMC Machines

Gear Hobbing Machines

Gear Shapers

Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Centreless Grinding Machines

Gear Grinding Machines

Gear Shaving Machines

Worm Milling Machines

Worm Grinding Machines

Slotter Machine

Spline Rolling Machines

Vertical Turret Lathes

Horizontal Boring Machines

Welding Machines