Crane Duty Gear Boxes

ZURR CRANIA Gear Boxes are specially designed for Crane Duty Applications in accordance with IS:3177 Standards. These Gear Units are specially designed for Heavy Duty applications in industrial works in accordance with IS:4137-67 Standard  and all these Gear units are in accordance with IS:3177-65 standard and their ratings are in accordance with IS:4460-67.


Gear Box Housings are made up of closed grain Cast Iron and generously proportioned to ensure proper radiation of hat generated when Units are operated at their maximum capacity, Suitable Ribs are placed underneath the bearing seats for strength and the walls are sufficient thickness to withstand the most severe stresses encountered during operation.

All Pinions and Gears are made from forged high grade carbon or alloy steel, All Pinions are integral with Shafts, Gears are gerated with highest accuracy on our special Imported Hobbing Machines in metric module system in accordance with relevant standard specifications. The selection of Module, Tooth Profile and Helix Angle is made in conformity with Speeds, Ratios and Load condition to give maximum tooth contact and overlap, thus ensuring most favorable meshing and silent running

Anti Friction Roller Bearings of ample size are used throughout to ensure long service life. The use of Anti Friction Bearings ensures high efficiency, correct centre distance and proper shaft alignment.

For Welding finishing we have Hand Grinders, Disc Grinders, Profile finishing machines at our end.

The Input Shaft can be supplies as Tapered, Output Shaft can be supplied with integrated toothed male clutch or with Flexible Gear Couplings.

Single Reduction Units from Ratio – 1.8:1 to 8:1, Double Reduction Units from ratio 8:1 to 48:1 and Triple Reduction units from Ratio 10:1 to 160:1 can be supplied.

These Gear Units are available with various assembly arrangements such as S,U, K,Z, Y, P, M, N and H.

These Gear Box are supplied as per Class 1, Class II, Class III and Class IV Standards.