Extruder Gear Boxes

General Description

ZURR HE series Double reductions Parallel shaft horizontal model Extruder Gearboxes are specially developed for single screw extruder drive. The gear units are capable to transmit the high torque & thrust required for pressurizing and plasticizing molding materials. They can also absorb the high axial thrust through built-in spherical roller thrust bearing.

A separate critically designed axial bearing housing to accommodate thrust bearings. The hollow output Shaft mounted with thrust bearings have different bores to accommodate thrust screw. The units are offering in Left or Right hand configurations with horizontal mounting.


7 sizes of units – 100, 112, 125, 140, 160, 180 and 200mm
Standard Reduction ratios - 6, 10, 14 & 20.
The units are in split housing
Shaft extension keyway are as per IS: 2048
Output bores are provided with single keyway provision, Double keyway / Splined bores can be provide against customer requirements.
Cooling coil provision provided for additional cooling.
LH and RH handing can be providing on all size.

Design Feature
Gears and Pinions:

Helical Gears and pinions are manufacturing from high quality case-hardening alloy steel. Case hardened surface with softer core provides improved wear resistance and fatigue strength. Gears & Pinions are ground to class 5-6 grade to ensure high standard of accuracy, long life and smooth running characteristics.

Gear Housing:

The housing is made of high quality, split housing cast to close-grained cast iron to accommodate bearings and gear trains. Units were designed in double reduction version with separate thrust bearing housing.


Roller bearings from major manufacturers are used throughout. The thrust bearing is of self-aligning Spherical roller type. The bearings selected have ample to support radial and thrust loads.

Oil Seals:

Shaft extensions are fitted with spring-loaded high quality rubber seals to prevent outflow of oil.


Lubrication of gears and bearings is entirely self-contained by ‘Splash’, which provides ample and positive flow of oil resulting minimum wear and noise. Holes connecting the thrust bearing housing and oil sump ensures continuous circulation of oil flowing through the spherical roller thrust bearing at the output end. Recommended oil is of viscosity grade ISO:VG-320 with EP additives. No special care is required except occasional topping up of oil. It is not advisable to mix two equivalent brands of oil.


As a standard feature, units have provisions for fitment of cooling water coil at the bottom of oil sump at rear end.

Direction of Rotation:

Units can be operating in either direction of rotation.