Helical Reduction Gear Boxes

ZURR HELICON Gear Boxes are manufactured by us as per International DIN Standards, The Design & Manufacturing Technology is as per the latest developments in the field of Helical Gear technology and based on our long term experience we have gained in the Industrial Power Transmission Segment.


Our these HELICAN Gear Boxes are built with Case Hardened and Ground Gears & Pinions on Modular concept of construction conforming to DIN 323 Standards with respect to the main specifications involving - Dimensions, Transmission Ratios as well as Centre Distance.

Design and Sizing of the Gears based on Geometric progression has resulted in full optimization of Gear Geometry, High Efficiency and robust Load carrying capacity.


We supply these Gear Boxes in both types of Housings – Cast Iron Housing & MS Fabricated Housing. These Gear Casings are designed as per the latest techniques of 3D Modeling process which results into modern aesthetically good looking designs and FEA techniques to get high strength to weight ratio and high rigidity. Cast Iron Housings are made from high grade close grain Cast Iron in Modern Foundry to achieve favorable Vibration Dampening properties, These housings are made with robust Internal Ribs which made them torsionally rigid. MS Fabricated housings are made with high grade MS Sheets, For their fabrication, We have In-house facilities like - TIG Welding, MIG Welding, Spot Welding, Oxy - Acetylene Cutting, Gas Welding Machines at our end All these Housing then properly stress relieved and check through Ultrasonic Testing for any cracks and blow holes.

For Welding finishing we have Hand Grinders, Disc Grinders, Profile finishing machines at our end.

We then machined our these Gear Box housings on world best “MAZAK” Make Horizontal Machining Centres which ensure accuracy up to the highest level. All the Boring, Facing, Drilling & Tapping operations required on housing is done in a Single Set Up.

For Inspection & Checking of these Housings we have Brown & Sharpe (USA) CNC CMM with full automatic rotating Renishaw Probe Head with Inspection Accuracy of 3 Microns along with 2012 PC DMIS Software which provided Instant Inspection Reports.

We also have Digital Profile Projector for measuring small dimensions which are difficult to measure with conventional measuring instruments.


Pinions Shafts & Gears are made from Forged High Alloy Case Hardening Steel. For Cutting Forged Alloy Steel Round Bars we have Bandsaw Machines, For accurate Centering & Facing – We have WMW Germany Facing & Centering Machines, For Final machining we have Latest Model CNC Lathes, VMC machines, Cylindrical Grinding, Surface Grinding, Vertical Milling Machines, M & TR Machines.

Gears are generated with highest accuracy on our Imported German Hobbing Machines, Selection of Module, Tooth profile and Helix Angle is made in conformity to speeds, ratios and load conditions to give maximum tooth contact and overlap, thus ensuring most favorable meshing and silent running.

For Gear Cutting - We have Gear Hobbing Machines, Gear Shapers, Worm Milling, Rack Milling, Broaching Machines.

For Gear Finishing & Grinding - We have Gear Tooth Deburring, Gear Shaving, Internal Grinding, Gear Grinding, Worm Grinding Machines.

For Gear Inspection - We have HOFLER (GERMANY)- EFRS 630 Lead & Profile Tester of DIN 1 Accuracy with Automatic Measurement System of Precision Grounded Gears & Pinions with the help of latest Software which would give Instant Test Reports & Test Graphs as per DIN 3962 Standards of various important parameters -  Form Error, Total Form Error, Angular Error, Crowning Error, Tip / Root Relief, Top / Bottom End Relief.

To Check & Measure Pitch Error we have HOFLER (GERMANY)- ZW400 Double Flank Gear Roll Tester of DIN 4 Accuracy level.

We use High Quality Precision Roller Ball Bearings in our these Gear Boxes of reputed Make – SKF/FAG/NBC etc. Taper Roller Bearings are also used as per requirement of Customers in special case for extra rigidity and prolong usage.

The Shaft Extensions are fitted with high quality oil seals to prevent outflow of Oil and entry of dust. In case of highly polluted and dusty atmosphere, labyrinth sealins can also be provided.

Gear & Pinion Assembly - For assembly we have highly trained staff who assemble these Gear & Pinions with highest accuracy, We use high quality heat treated parallel keys and after assembly of gears & pinions, we measure the TIR/Run Out on bench centres with Dial Indicators to ensure accurate fitment.


The Gears & Bearings are lubricated by splashing of Oil, Shaft or Motor driven Pumps can also be provided for forced lubrication at high peripheral speeds or where low input speeds make Oil Splash Inadequate.


Depending upon the application and rating requirements, Our these Gear Units are cooled by –

  • Normal Cooling by convection from the external surfaces of the Gear case.
  • Mechanical Fan fitted to high speed shaft which is effective for either direction of rotation
  • Cooling water coil fitted in the bottom half of Gear case, dipped in the lubrication Oil sump.
  • Fan and Cooling Coil
  • Separate Oil Cooler used in conjunction with forced lubrication system.

Base Plates & Gear Couplings can be supplied complete fitted with Gear Units along with foot mounted or flange mounted Electric Motors directly mounted on input shaft line with the use of adaptor housings.

Motor and Gear Unit Shafts are connected by flexible Gear Couplings. Couplings Guards can also be provided. Such requirements are supplied on specific request. Please specify the scope of this type of job along with Inquiry.


Gearboxes for applications where reverse operation of the machine is not permissible are fitted with back stop device. Enquiries or order should state the required direction of rotation and holding torque.

Gear Box Final Inspection & Testing - After Splash Lubrication and Lapping operation of the Gear & Pinion, Each Gear Box goes through Rigorous Inspection and Testing process before dispatch involving various testing stages in accordance to latest IS/DIN/AGMA Standards :-

  • Gear Box Oil Temp. Rise Test (Through LASER Temperature Tester)
  • Leakage Test (Through Ultrasonic Leakage Tester & Visual Inspection)
  • Noise Level Test   (Through Sound Level Meter at a distance of 10 Mtrs.)
  • Output RPM/Reduction Ratio Test  (Through Photo + Contact type Tachometer)

Gear Box Finishing & Painting - In all our Gear Boxes we provides breather vents, easily accessible drain plugs and a suitable Oil level indicator. After successful Testing, Gear Box Casing is painted with suitable Anti Rust Red Oxide Paint and suitable Anti Rust Putty is applied all over the surface of the Gear Box to fill up any uneven rough surfaces and after that complete Gear Box is painted over the Spray Paint booth with customer selected dry spray paint color or by our standard hammer tone paint.

Gear Box Labelling, Packing & Dispatch :- Our Gear Box Name Plate contains all the required information :- Serial Number, Model, Input KW, Class of Duty, Input Speed, Output Speed, Reduction Ratio, Manufacturing Month & Year, Lubrication Type & Recommended Oil details.

Packing is done as per Customer Requirement in Wooden Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Full 4 Side Wooden Box etc. with Pull hooks for easy lifting, loading & Unloading. All the wear & tear parts assembled in our Gear Box have our S.No. Identification mark on them so that you can order these parts individually for post guarantee maintenance within your premises even after 10 years of purchase. We guarantee trouble free performance  of our Gear Box for a period of 18 months from the date of dispatch or 12 months from the date of commissioning, whichever is earlier. On Customer’s complaint we undertake to repair or replace any defective part/parts at our option for defective material or bad workmanship provided the product supplied by us has been used strictly within the limits of our recommended working conditions.

Our Lead time for dispatch is also very short as per the general industry standards.