Planetary Gear Boxes

Our Range of Planetary Gear Boxes has various advantages like - high power density, large reduction in a small volume, multiple kinematic combinations, pure torsional reactions, and coaxial shafting.

Our Planetary Gear Boxes is a unique combination of both compactness and outstanding power transmission efficiencies. A typical efficiency loss in our planetary gearbox arrangement is only 3% per stage. This type of efficiency ensures that a high proportion of the energy being input is transmitted through the gearbox, rather than being wasted on mechanical losses inside the gearbox.

Another advantage of our planetary gearbox arrangement is load distribution. Because the load being transmitted is shared between multiple planets, torque capability is greatly increased. The more planets in the system, the greater load ability and the higher the torque density. It creates greater stability due to the even distribution of mass and increased rotational stiff

Material of Construction:

Planets and sun gears:
Planets and sun gears are manufactured from high alloy steel and heat treated for case carburizing to achieve the optimum strength and wear resistance. Gear Profiles are ground to reduce noise level and optimized maximum root strength and minimize sliding contact to ensure high efficiency.

Ring Gears:
Ring gears are manufactured from high alloy steel and heat treated to absorb impact loads and give desired wear life, the production process selected to avoid distortion of gear teeth due to heat treatment.

Input and output shafts are manufactured from high alloy steel and toughened for resistant to bending and torsional stress.

Planet Carriers :
Planet carriers are manufactured from high alloy steel forging or castings for strength and rigidity to ensure equal tooth loading on planets.

Housing :
Foot or Flange type casings are of cast iron for strength & rigidity.

These Gear Boxes are available with different reduction stages in different sizes :-

A) Single Stage Planetary Gear Box.
B) Double Stage Planetary Gear Box.
C) Triple Stage Planetary Gear Box.
D) Quadruple Stage Planetary Gear Box.

Reduction Ratio – From 3.5:1 to 2000:1, Power Ratings upto 150000 NM.