Shaft Mounted Gear Boxes

ZURR SHAFT MOUNTED Gear Reducers are compact in design and optimum in performance. A Shaft Mounted Reduction gearbox provides a very convenient method of reducing speed, since it mounted directly on the driven shaft instead of requiring foundations of its own. It eliminates the use of flexible coupling. These Gear Box are suitable for both forward and reverse motion.

A torque-arm anchors the gearbox and provides quick, easy adjustment of the V-Belts by means of its turnbuckle.

ZURR Shaft Mounted Reeducation gearbox is manufacturing in thirteen sizes, designated by the letters B to H (B, C, D, E, F, G & H), J, S, T, K, L & M. The thirteen sizes may have three nominal gear ratios, 5: 1, 13: 1 and 20: 1. A very wide choice of final driven speed can be achieved by the use of an appropriate input V -Belt drive through various pulley combinations. The units will normally splash oil lubricated

Shaft Mounted Taper Clamp and Support Bushes are manufactured from Stainless Steel to permanently remove any chance of corrosion in the future. Various size of Bores are available in the taper clamps to facilitate easy mounting on different Shaft sizes.

Shaft Mounted Screw Conveyor units are available with tapered roller bearings on the output end to take withstand and absorb end thrusts.

These Gear Units meet the need to have a keyless application on the output end of the Gear Box. By usage of labyrinth sealing any chances of Dust ingestion in future can be totally avoided in these Gear Units.

Gear Housing
The housing is made of close-grained cast iron to achieve favorable vibration damping properties.

Machined from alloy steels and precision ground on journals, gear seating and extensions. Tolerances and keyways conform to international standards.

Helical form alloy steels, Case hardened (profile ground on selected sizes) ensuring low noise emission and high durability.

Bearings and oil seals
Bearings are of ample capacity to take radial and thrust loads. Oil seals are double-lipped garter spring type, ensuring effective oil sealing.

Output hub
Metric bored hubs with international standard shaft diameters. In optional the hubs with unique bush locking system, which overcomes the difficulties, experienced with other methods of mounting, particularly in corrosive environments. The new design includes cap head screws for higher tightening torques and a hardened steel thrust plate. These two new features are responsible for part of the significant torque increase.

Hold Back (Backstops)
Are available on all 13:1 and 20:1 ratio units and available to special order on ratio 5:1 units.

ZURR Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers are dispatched without oil. Before running, they should be filled with an appropriate amount of lubricant as shown in the tables, dependent on the mounting position. Fill to level plug when reducer is not running. Drain, flush and refill as directed in the installation leaflet supplied with every gearbox, check oil level regularly.

Round Shaft Mounted Gear Boxes

The Round Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer is developed as an alternative to the Shaft Mounted Gear Unit and are widely used for heavy & bulk material handling activities, they can work reliably even in rough & difficult environmental conditions.

Its salient features are :-
Compact in size & low cost.
Helical Hardened & Ground Gears
High efficiency - Upto 95% depending upon the reduction ratio.
Multiple Bore Sizes along with provision for Anti Roll Back Adapters to prevent reverse motion suitable for inclined conveyors.

These Gearbox are available in 3 Sizes – TD, TE & TF with Reduction ratio of 5:1, 13:1, 15:1 and 20:1, Torque ratings upto 1800 Nm.