Worm Duty Gear Boxes

ZURR WORMER Gear Reducers are well known for its quality & reliability throughout the industries worldwide. Its Strength is in its modern engineering design helped by right selection of highest quality Raw Material and finally Precision machining in conformance to design.

Salient feature of these Worm Reducers are :-
Compact Design
High Efficiency
High Thermal Capacity
Rigid Structure and ability to resist shocks
Long and durable trouble free life
High Torque Capacity
Centrifugally Cast Phosphor Bronze Rim secure to high graded Cast Iron Housing.
Full Ground Worm Threads with superior surface finish
By usage of Taper Roller Bearings of Reputed Make – SKF/FAG/NBC.
High Quality Grained Cast Iron Housing – precisely machined on HMC Machine to ensure superior fitment & Oil tightness.
Rugged Construction to withstand heavy loads.
Worm Gears confirm to BS 721/1963 Standards with Class ‘A’ Accuracy Level.

The Standard right hand worm integrated with shaft is manufactured from high quality alloy steel, All threads Case Hardened & Ground with excellent precision & finish.

Wheel tooth and Worm thread design carefully modified to enhance Gear performance, ensuring uniform transmission of angular velocity under all load conditions with improved lubrication to achieve higher operating efficiency.

Standard Output Shaft made of Carbon Steel to withstand bending load induced by over hung drives. High tensile Steel Shaft & Double extended shaft for specialized application can also be provided as a special case.

Lubrication of the Gears & bearings is carried out automatically by the Oil accumulated in the sump. All units are fitted with Filler, Oil Level Indicator and Breather for easy maintenance & routine inspection.

Lubrication is positive at all speeds in either direction of rotation to bearings and meshing surfaces of worm and wheel. Adaptable units provided with breather, oil level and drain plugs and it must ensured that these are correctly positioned; other units incorporate a dipstick for oil level, an oil ventilator and drain plugs. Gear units required absolutely no attention at all in operation, except the oil level check occasionally. Maximum permissible oil temperature is 100°C while lubricated with ISO VG320 grade of oil.

Tolerance on Input & Output Shaft Extension Dia. conforming to DIN 7160 Standard & Key, Key way conforming to DIN 6885 Standard.


ZURR Worm reduction units, size starting from 1.625” (41.275 mm) to 12” (304.8 mm) Center distance.

Standard Sizes – 162, 200, 237, 287, 337, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10” & 12”

Standard Reduction ratios :- 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70 in single reduction and 75:1 to 4900 in double reduction.

Adaptable Gear Units

A - Adaptable without leg.
AU - Adaptable Under driven.
AO - Adaptable Over driven.
AV - Adaptable Vertical output shaft.
AIV - Adaptable Input shaft Vertical.
ASM - Adaptable Shaft Mounted.
AM - Adaptable Motorized unit.

Foot Mounted Units

FU - Foot mounted Under driven
FV - Foot mounted Vertical output shaft
FVD - Foot mounted Double reduction | Vertical output shaft
FUD - Foot mounted Double reduction Under driven.